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Regular offers

Subscription for 8 massages valid 12 months
Panchakarma cure over 15 days
« Intensive » offer for 6 massages over 1 month
« Relax » Offer for 4 massages over 1 month
« Trio » Offer for 3 massages over 3 successive days
Combination of 2 massages on request.




The Institut Ayurveda offers a subscription of 8 massages with a value of 170.- each, valid for one year.


1 year subscription of 8 massages : 1190.- a gift of one body cream.

The paiement is made at the first session.




The Institut Ayurveda proposes that you experience the Panchakarma cure at home. It includes 13 beauty treatments provided over two weeks, with a one day break in the middle of the treatment for rest. The package also includes the full range of home products necessary for the cure, the preliminary consultation and the coaching advice throught the cure.

Panchakarma at the Institute all inclusive: 2700.-

It is recommended to choose the dates 2 months in advance, and to plan holidays during these 15 days.




The Institut Ayurveda proposes a few interesting offers :


"intensive" offer : 1020.- and a gift of 150.- on home products.


Six specific massages over a one month period, two per week for two weeks, then one per week the following two weeks. The institute offers three matching products: a body cream to match the goal wanted, a herbal decoction to drink diluted in water daily, and a pack of concentrated essential oil vials. Overall a 20% reduction to accompany your treatment wisely.


"relaxation" offer : 680.- and a gift of 100.- on home products.


For four specific massages over a one month period, one per week, the institute offers two matching products: a body cream to meet the goals wanted, a herb decoction to drink diluated in water daily. Overall a 20% reduction to accompany your treatment wisely.


"trio" offer : 510.- and a gift of 50.- on our products.


For more complete treatment it is recommended for certain massages to receive 3 treatments over 3 consecutive days. This is the case for example for Ratnabhyanga (precious stones) that acts on the seven chakras, or Shirodhara (forehead oleation) that acts specifically on the superior chakras of the head and mind.




It is interesting in Ayurvedic treatment to combine several massages in one session , in order to live a full therapeutic treatment for a desired objective.
For example, the treatment of the stomach ( Udara ) associated with lymphatic drainage ( Garshan ) gives good results in case of constipation or abdominal pain .

Foot treatment ( Pada ) and treatment of the head ( Shirodhara ) can be combined to improve confidence and sleep.

Back treatment (Himalayas) with the treatment of the abdomen ( Udara ) affect the pelvic area and the entire back thoroughly.

In this case, the session lasts about 2 hours, and the price is 230.-